Saturday, September 11, 2010

No Sin is greater than another, but....

It is ten till midnight on a Saturday night and I find myself thinking and not able to really sleep knowing that if I don't study and write right now, I will loose what divine revelation I have right now.

Sin is everywhere. I was taught growing up that no sin is greater than another. That belief has slightly changed for me but not much. But, that will probably be the ongoing theme of this post.

What is on my mind is that very theme along with repentance. Actually trying to fix the sin. How did this whole thought process start so late at night? Well, I was on my Facebook reading and "Facebook stalking" other people. Yes. I have a problem. Anyway, I came across a discussion where someone mentioned how they hated how much profanity was used. One of the responses was that they needed to get over the profanity stuff because it will always be around. Which is true to an extent. They continue to say that no one should be pointing fingers or be looking down their nose at others for their sins unless they can look in a mirror, look themselves in the eye, and honestly say they don't sin. Are not all sins equal?

For some beliefs, yes, all sins are equal, and for other faiths no, not so much. For the purpose of this blog I will stick with the idea of "yes, all sins are equal." But, here is where the "but" part of my title comes in. Are all sins still equal when you KNOW you are sinning but you don't try to repent or fix the problem in the first place? I mean, isn't that true with any faith or religion? If you are let's say, lying, which I am sure that we are ALL guilty of, myself included, and you keep lying and lying, and you know its wrong but don't repent and just keep doing it, isn't that a worse sin than another person who lied once but repented of that sin? I know I am not God, and I am glad I am not going to be in his shoes when judgement day comes, but to me, it would seem a heck of a lot worse if someone was sinning and knew they were but kept doing it anyway, than someone who sinned once and repented.

Sin is defined very clearly in James, chapter 4. In verse 17 it states that "Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin." I don't think that could be any more clearly stated. I mean if we know its wrong, but we do it anyway. That's sin! I am not anymore perfect than the next person. I honestly struggle with saying the Lord's name in vain and other things. I am a sinner. But, I do know that I work very hard to repent of those said sins.  I mean its like 1 John 1:8. "If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us."

So, if we deceive ourselves, and truth cannot be with us, how is God suppose to show ourselves through us? I do know of a couple people who really want God to show through him/her to help out a girlfriend, boyfriend, a close friend, to see the light of God to show how wonderful he really is. Well, how is God's light going to show through if we keep repeating the same sin over and over willingly and not trying to repent of that sin when they know they are doing it in the first place? For example, profanity. If the guy or girl swears. Drops F***, S***,  D***, and many other four letter words out there all the time, and they make that language part of their every day vocabulary, how is the word of God and the Holy Spirit suppose to show themselves through that? The word of God cannot mix with that. It doesn't work. It seems to me that if they really want to show God through them to another person, they would have to repent of that sin. I am not saying they have to be perfect because no one is, but they at least have to try to repent of that sin. I looked up Repentance in my Bible Dictionary. This is what it said.

Repentance: The Greek word of which this is the translation denotes a change of mind, i.e. a fresh view  about God, about oneself, and about the world. Since we are born into condition or mortality, repentance comes to mean a turning of heart and will to God, and a renunciation of sin to which we are naturally inclined. Without this there can be NO PROGRESS in the things of the soul's salvation, for all accountable persons are stained by sin, and must be cleansed in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. Repentance is not optional for salvation; it is a commandment of God.

So, if we don't at least try to repent of those sins, like profanity, there will be no progress in the things of the soul's salvation. All accountable persons who are stained by sin, must be cleansed in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. I do understand that Jesus' atonement for our sins was amazing. I am so greatful for his atonement and what he did for us. He died for us and suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane so we could live with our Heavenly Father again. We are truly saved by Grace, BUT just because we are saved by grace does not mean we don't have to hold ourselves accountable for our sins. It is not just a free ride to live with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ again. We have to repent of our sins. We have to try to live a Christ like life. No one is perfect and is going to have a perfect life, but we do have to at least try.  This includes our language, or judgements, thoughts, sexuality. Because, just like it says in Proverbs chapter 28, verse 13 states, "He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy." I can only imagine what would happen if for example I swore over and over. Dropped the F bomb and swore all the time. I know that what I am saying is wrong but I keep doing it anyway and I refuse to repent or I procrastinate the repentance process, I know Heavenly Father, like any father would be very upset.

I am a daughter of my Heavenly Father and everyone is a divine being and children of our loving Heavenly Father. Shouldn't we at least try to make him proud? Shouldn't we all be like children and try to learn from our mistakes and move on? We shouldn't  just let those mistakes keep happening over and over again. We shouldn't use foul language and hateful words to try to get our points across. Let's choose our words carefully so that the Holy Spirit can actually reside with us and be with us so that God can ACTUALLY show himself through us.

Jesus Christ did tell the woman "Repent, and sin no more."

I testify that I am a divine daughter of my Heavenly Father and that he loves me so much for I am his child. And I know that just like any child, or any of my future children, that He wants me to learn and grow from my mistakes. And I know it hurts him when he sees me make the same mistakes over and over again. I have a testimony of repentance and how much it has changed my language and views. I use to have a mouth full of profanity. I have repented and still am repenting because repentance is a life long process and sometimes I do slip. But, when I have my language in check, I find that I am a more pleasant person to be around and I can have the Holy Spirit with me.  I know that Jesus died on the cross for my sins, now I am just going to make sure I try to live the best life possible and repent of those sins. I say all of these things in the name if Jesus Christ. Amen.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Status Story

So, many things are going on in life right now. Marcus finally started his student teaching on Thursday and I will be starting school again this Monday. Finally, I CAN SEE THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL! But...that means we will be thrown out into the "real world" and have to fend for ourselves even more than we already are, including finding full-time jobs with benefits. Yikes! Little nervous about that.

My creative juices have been running the past couple of days. Baking zucchini cupcakes, cheesecake, and working on a project to hang up in our bedroom. I also was on Facebook (it seems to be an addiction) and was reading my Facebook status' and of course "Facebook Stalking" and reading others. It's amazing how much you can learn about a person just by their facebook status'! You can almost do a study on it. Like a Content Analysis or something. You can look at language and profanity and love and hate and "Like this status if you like me or I will kill myself tomorrow," that sort of thing. Well, I decided to posts some of my most popular status' (as in they have been "liked" or commented on) from the past 10 days. You know, ten days shouldn't be that much... With these status' I also included dates and times.

I maybe broke to the bone, but I don't think I have ever been happier. -32 min ago

my cheesecake rocks. it doesn't look as pretty as the picture but it sure tastes good! It still looks pretty nice though. But trust me, you do not want to know how good/bad it is for you. at least there is fruit in it right? :) -20 hours ago

what was one do with left over heavy whipping cream? -Thursday at 10:13pm

watching the fox and the hound. I will not cry. I will not cry. -Thursday at 9:37 pm

Karin Price is really really irritated with an employer and it is not The Children's Place. This is ridiculous. I want my pay check. I am slightly upset.-Thursday at 6:32 pm

is a little nervous about how this school year is going to work out.- Thursday 2:03pm

wow my shoulder hurts. I think its time Marcus and I switch sides on the bed so I don't sleep on that side of my body anymore. It kinda hurts. :(  -Thursday at 12:50

With this next status I also include one of the comments and that is me fixing my Spanish errors. 

Hacando pollo de alfredo por almuerzo de Marcus Price por sus dia primo de escuela manana. Soy esposa bien verdad? :) -Wednesday at 9:04pm
    -haciendo el almuerzo de Marcus Price. Pollo con alfredo. Por que manana es el primer dia de escuela de el. Que buena esposa soy yo verdad. I was close!

was successful making chocolate zucchini cupcakes. they were tasty. :) -Aug 17 10:55pm

Is going to go on a nice long walk with her hubby. My mind is racing and he is so lucky to get to hear all about it. "So, I have a story..." :) -August 15 at 9:28pm

I may not like my legs, I may think I am fat, I may think I am to pale and that my face breaks out to much, BUT God blessed me with amazing hair. :) -August 15 at 3:32pm

Does not like it when Marcus Price says "I love you" and then points to a different room and finishes "....but over there!" Butthead. -August 11 at 1:24pm

Now, here is the fun part. I want to know your opinion about Facebook status' and what people post. Including mine if you wish. I can honestly say you can learn a lot about a person. Even when its like my husband who barely ever posts them. What do you think?

Love Always,
Karin Marie

Friday, August 6, 2010

Talents are blessings right?

Is it possible to be blessed with TO MANY talents? I am not trying to be cocky or anything. But here are things things I have really enjoyed in my life. (Not that I do them currently)

-I LOVE riding horses. I haven't been on a horse in seven years. This bothers me.
-I really enjoyed AutoCad and drafting in middle school and high school. I was good at it.
-I won best design in middle school for my CO2 car. It rocked! I should go find it.
-I did a lot of art classes in middle school and high school. I even painted a mural in the band room and painted and designed the Big Band Dance Music Stands for the Sax line. I went to an honor art show my freshman year as well. I haven't done a lot of art since. I haven't even taken a class in college. Originally I wanted an art minor. Fail.
I miss art SO much I am going to bless you with some pictures. (hope you caught the sarcasm)

-I love music. I have played trumpet, bass guitar, guitar, French horn, and piano.
-I love animals. I want a farm.
-I desire to be a mother.

Okay, so I have all of these things I love doing. I would love to be back in the wood shop again. IT SMELLS SO GOOD. It has been years though. And nothing beats the smell of a barn.

So here is my problem. I have named a small number of interests that I have. As of right now I am planning on going on to graduate school for horn performance. The thing with that though is I have chronic problems with my lungs. I am sure my hearing is getting worse and worse AND I have tendonitis in both of my shoulders. Not really sounding good for someone who wants to be a horn player.

So. I am stuck. As of right now, the most ideal life for me would be living with my husband on an acreage with a shop. I would be able to build things and paint and draw and design, and when I get bored with that I would hop on a horse and go for a ride. I would have dogs come with us and I would have a kiddo sitting in my lap. It bothers me. Because in that dream, where is horn? Where is music? Maybe I won't even keep up with it. Maybe I put myself on the wrong path. Is that possible? Even my grandma said that she always pictured me doing art things like my mom did. I love doing. I love working with my hands.

Mom says I have to many interests and I have many talents. I just wish I knew what I was going to be doing in the future. Then I could just work towards it. Maybe I will just go back to school and start all over. Maybe I will go get an associates from SCC in art. Any takers?

Gosh what I would do to get back on a horse again. And I really miss being an artist. At least I know I can keep that up if I wanted.

Talents are blessings right? Now what to do with my life...
Karin Marie.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Many Jobs

So, this month Marcus and I would what you would call..."Scraping by." Really. So both of us are working as much as we can while still keeping our sanity. I applied for a job and got an interview this week. It also applies towards my major. Fingers crossed that I get the job. In the mean time I am working in a little coffee shop and working other odds and ends. Here is a new one. It is pretty cool You get paid to wear t-shirts. So, today I ventured out and got paid to wear a t-shirt.
Its really not to difficult.  This is the front of the shirt. Basic t-shirts for hire logo. The objective of the company is to get other companies to participate and "buy days" for an individual to wear a t-shirt in public. My shirt was a specific experiment by the company. On the back of the shirt encourages people to text in if they want to get paid to wear a t-shirt. (below on the left.) My job, is to wear this t-shirt on a designated day.
Then when I wear the shirt I have to wear it in a public place then post a picture of myself wearing out in public. Then I post it on Facebook or on a blog or both. And this is a picture of me smiling at Walmart.

And I am checking out face washes. That is besides the point. Basically, its a free shirt and you get paid to wear it. To me...that's a win win. I don't know what you think. But, you should totally go check it out.

Well thats my little plug for the day with this business.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Life As We Know It.

So, it is already almost August. A lot has happened in the past few weeks. MY HUBBY IS HOME! Which, I am sure most of you already knew due to my frequent Facebook updates and countdowns. Let me just say it was such a relief seeing him come out of his gate. I was shaking I was so excited. I was relieved having him and being in his arms again. Let's just say he received many Besos when he got home. :) Many things have happened since he has returned. He is now back at work full-time where I on the other hand quit my job. I had two jobs and school and I was playing for Pinewood Bowl at the time. Let me just say...I was a little stressed. The Monday after he came home I told the company I worked for that I would not be returning. Which was a GREAT decision. Yes, we are super tight in our budget right now, but I was miserable at that office. I am glad I worked there because I was paid enough to get us through while he was gone. Things are tight now but I am so much happier. Plus, I get to be home! It has been quite a job keeping up with the place. It feels better though having a home that is kept up instead of messy because we are never around to take care of it.

It was weird having Marcus gone. I have never lived on my own. I lived with my parents, dorms, to getting married and moving in with Marcus. I have never had to live on my own. Well, while Marcus was gone not only did I have a lot of stuff to deal with (which is mentioned in previous blogs) but I had to work tons, go to school, and make sure all bills were paid. Kinda a 6 week crash course in life! I am glad that crash course is over.

Speaking of countdowns, when Marcus returning home countdown ended, a new one began. This one is for my birthdays. Birthdays are kinda  big deal in my family. We tend to celebrate them all week and beg for special treatment during that week. Well, I am very much looking forward to my birthday this coming September 8th. Not very far away!! I am a little excited. It is weird though. I am turning 22. No longer a kid anymore! Along with my birthday coming up, of course I started working on a birthday list. Last year I really didn't have one. Or really the year before that. But, usually for me the list is prepped months in advance, so really, I am behind schedule.  Here is what I have so far.

New pots and pans where the Teflon won’t chip off
Nice dishtowels and wash clothes for the kitchen
Tea towels
Beauty and the Beast on DVD
Corelle dish ware
Munch Money (Wesleyan Café)
Downeast Basics or Maurice’s gift cards
Gift card to HyVee, Supersaver, or Wal-mart (Groceries)

Not going to lie, my birthday list scared me. I noticed that the things I want are not CD's or anything I thought I would list. Most of it is stuff for my kitchen and GROCERIES!! Who would have thunk? I want groceries for my birthday? I HAVE to be growing up. Also, I mention dish ware, dish towels and wash clothes, and I want pots and pans where the Teflon doesn't chip off. Can you tell I have lived on my own for a little while now? Of course I add clothes from my two favorite stores Maurice's and Downeast Basics. LOVE! 

Well, along with August being almost here, school will be starting up again soon. Marcus will begin his student teaching to finish up his B.M.E and we are both done in December. I am a little nervous for this upcoming semester. It is going to be busy and stressful! I am sure everything will work out though.

Lots of Love!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Social Media and Texting

Before Marcus left for Mexico, we turned off our texting on our phones to save us some money and I could not believe how nice it is to not be constantly connected to people. My phone or Marcus' phone isn't constantly notifying us of messages. Even though I am social, highly social, I do not like being able to be contacted 24/7. Which brings me to a couple concerns of mine. 

The first one is the need to constantly needing to be connected in the first place. I am not saying I have never done this myself, so I am not perfect, but a HUGE pet peeve of mine is people who have to text and drive. I am so happy that a law passed in Nebraska that is making that illegal, just good luck to those who have to enforce it.  It is such a dangerous thing. To text AND drive, you either have to take one or both hands off the wheel, and you have to look consistently at the screen on your phone to type. And I am not posting this to be proven wrong, it is just a dangerous and irresponsible thing to do that not only puts the driver texting in danger, but other people on the road as well. 

My other concern is Facebook. Yes, I am always on Facebook and I post status updates. The status' that bother me though the  the ones that discuss being on the road driving and there was one status that made me laugh. It was discussing being behind and old lady and how slow she was and that the person (who is texting and driving) is having road rage. This made me giggle because the combination of Road Rage, Texting, AND driving. They were probably putting on mascara too just to make it interesting. 

It is just scary because research shows ( that texting while driving is like driving while intoxicated. 

Just as a concerned driver on the road, I know I struggle with things because I do talk on the phone while driving. But please, do you have to be SO connected with people that you have to update your Facebook status about life while your driving?  Can it at least wait until you reach your destination or something? Especially if you are upset?

A video.

Thank you.
Fellow Concerned Driver. 

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Right Side of the Bed

I am currently in a Masterpieces of Literature class. I am taking it as one of my Gen-Ed classes. In this class the main focus is Writing Self and Autobiographies. We had to write about a special place and be as descriptive as possible. I was not aware that this would be read to the whole class by me. Also, we had to do something similar again in class today, and again, my paper was chosen to read in front of the whole class, AGAIN! Anyway, I am kinda proud of my description.

I wake up. The sun is blaring through my bedroom window. My cat is snoozing right beside me. She is not the best cuddle buddy. The right side of the bed remains empty. I can not wait to snuggle up towards the right side of the bed and feel warmth again. I look beside my bed on the night stand where my phone is charging. I see a black and white picture of my husband and I leaning in close for a kiss.

 Right below the frame is my journal opened to the entry of our wedding day. I can just picture the chandelier  and the white and gold. There in the granite building we were married for time and all eternity. I shut my journal and climb out of bed being careful not to disturb my cat. I look towards my dresser to see a vase of flowers from my husband reminding me that he will be home soon.

Above the flowers is a large portrait of him and I. His arms wrapped around me protecting me and both of us look like we can take on the world. Kind of feeling that way right now. But soon I wont be doing it alone. And soon I will be able to wake up towards the right side of the bed and see him there. What a day that will be.

Karin Marie.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Good Things to Come

This is Nanners creeping in my covers. This is what I have been waking up to in the morning recently. Not the same as cuddling with my hubby of course. 
But...there are
Good Things to Come.

This is a great link to watch. My husband showed me this link today. I watched it and it almost brought tears to my eyes. It was so encouraging, for both Marcus and I.

This time of us being apart has not been easy. At all. I really admire our veterans who leave their families or other men and women who have to leave their families for other reasons. These weeks have been so difficult. We have dealt with more than our fair share of fraud on my bank account, which is recently being resolved, miscarriage, gaining a new car, blown tire on new car, adjusting with balancing school and work (super tired...), Marcus being sick with who knows what while in Mexico, and who else knows what. And of course I had to learn ANOTHER lesson on what doesn't go in the garbage disposal.  Thank you to Aaron, a great friend of mine, for fixing it for me. It turns out it wasn't the peas  I put down the garbage disposal, it was a dry erase marker that fell in. Woops.

But... there are good things to come.

Besides all of the stresses that has been happening these past few weeks, I am looking forward to many things. The biggest one is Marcus coming out of the gate at the airport. I can not wait to run in his arms and finally be held again. I am so looking forward to that first kiss of him being back. Also, I am looking forward to playing in the pit orchestra for White Christmas this summer. I am meeting new people and I get the wonderful opportunity to play my horn with other musicians. And it just keeps me playing. I am also done with school for the summer. I have been in the process of working on Ged Eds this summer by taking Biology, Health and Wellness, and Master Pieces of Literature. So both Marcus and I have wrapped up some major credit hours worth of school this summer. I am looking forward to having a couple days of summer this coming August. With wrapping up credit hours this summer, both Marcus and I can graduate this coming December and go out into the real world. I don't know if I am excited about that or more nervous. I guess a little of both.

I know things are challenging right now. It seems like even though he is going to be home extremely soon, it seems yet so far away. It seems that more and more challenging things just keep coming. Yet, I watched that video today and it was so encouraging. Knowing to never give up and blessings will come sooner and even some later. One for sure came today when I got to spend some quality time today with my parents and my sister.

Blessings come in so many forms. I just need to remember to keep counting them and looking for them. I also need to remember that Good Things are to Come. Including my husband getting off of that plane. That is best thing as of right now, that there is to come. Just keep going in faith and you will always make it through.
Love always,
Karin Marie

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I am learning more and more each day how twitterpatted I am with Marcus.  It is weird how you fall in love with somebody and how you have to be apart. Once they leave EVERYTHING REMINDS YOU OF THEM! Songs, people on the street, comments people say, pictures, even parts of the movie I saw tonight, Robin Hood, reminded me of Marcus. It is amazing how deep and genuine the love we have for each other is. I love my life with him and I cannot wait to have it back. He is such a blessing in my life and I am so happy and lucky that he is in my life. We were destined to find each other. Our love is so real. I don't think it can ever be broken. I really hope that people can see how much we love each other. See that we truly care no matter how stupid our spouse may be being at the time. :) (Trust me, we are both kinda stupid at some points...hence the better or for worse part of our vows. :-P ) I will say he is going to get the biggest longest hug when he gets home. I am so excited to spend the rest of my eternity with him. And it is wonderful to know that he would give up his world for me and that I would do the same for him.

I love you Marcus.
Karin Marie

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Super Excited!

Okay, so I am super excited. The link above is a piece I am planning on playing for my Senior Horn Recital this coming Halloween. It is going to be stellar. I am just super stoked. After that performance I will be getting ready to audition for Graduate School. I know what I want to do when I grow up. I WANT TO PLAY! Oh my gosh would that be amazing. A dream of mine is playing for the Orchestra at Temple Square and then another orchestra. That would be the most amazing thing ever. I also just bought my recital dress today. I am really excited about it.

It is from DownEast Basics which is by far my favorite store. To bad there isn't one in Nebraska. I am getting it in black and I am so excited. And it wasn't very much money.

I am also super excited because almost all of the bills are paid for June and it is only the 3rd. And financially we are going to be just fine. That makes me super happy.

One more thing is that today I totally ordered the pictures that were taken a weekish ago or so. I am so excited to get my dress and a box full of pictures in the mail. I love getting packages in the mail.

So there is my rant. I am just super excited and I just had to tell you all.

Karin Marie

Monday, May 31, 2010

Patience, Trials, and the Blessing of the Gospel.

I love this picture of Marcus and I. Also one of my absolute favorites. I feel it really captures how we are with each other. Love struck and silly. :)
It has been an interesting week since Marcus  left. Marcus was doing well in Mexico. He has already been recruited to play piano for church. What can I say, he is talented and people notice. One of the wonderful things at church was Marcus  received a blessing from the bishop. It was ward conference and the stake president there figured out why Marcus was there and that he was having a hard time. He didn't ask Marcus if he needed a blessing, he just set up an appointment with the bishop and just told Marcus he needed a blessing and that an appointment has been made. Marcus and I found this humorous yet wonderful at the same time. Marcus did need it. It was also nice that he received a blessing because Marcus was able to give me one right before he left. It has helped so much. I cpuld dea; with Marcus being gone so much better than I was expected, especially with trials that have already happened since he had left.

When Marcus left , I was pregnant. Honestly, I wasn't that far along. Only a few weeks. But, both of us were ready and wanting this baby and so it made things even harder for Marcus to leave. Because last time I was pregnant it didn't go so well. Well, it didn't go well this time either and we lost the baby. Through loosing the baby, I really didn't know what to feel. I was really pissed off. Mostly, because Marcus and I have had a hard couple years already and would really enjoy a break and just have something go the way we wanted it. Well, that when patience comes in.

President Uchtdorf gave a talk to the men of the church during the last general conference. Today, Karen came over to visit and she brought up how wonderful his talk was. President Uchtdorf mentions on how both children and adults have a hard time with patience. Through this miscarriage AND Marcus gone, I really have to learn what patience is. I really want Marcus home. I hate going to bed by myself and coming home to an empty apartment. I missed his touch and his warmth when he is close to me. And of course I just missed kissing his face off. What can I say, I like the guy. But, from this I learned that

 "...Patience is far more than simply waiting for something to happen-...patience is active waiting and enduring even when the desires of our hears are delayed. Patience is not simply enduring; it is enduring well!"-President Uchtdorf

I don't thing that could be worded any better. It totally makes sense. My hearts desire is to be a mother. I really want a child to love and raise, and I really wanted my husband to be home to be with me. I love him and I always wanted to be near him. The thing is, Heavenly Father knows his children better than the children knows themselves. He will never EVER give you more than what you can handle. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if these trials of loosing a baby again and Marcus being away, is preparing me for something bigger. Maybe God is examining my reactions and how I am dealing with what I am going through right now to see if I can handle something in the future.

One thing that I know for sure, through all trials and hardships, is that I am not alone. Heavenly Father blessed me with wonderful people to take care of me, love me, and watch over me. Actually, to watch over both Marcus and I. We are always taken care of. First, we are taken care of by our families. My parents and his parents are watching over us and help us when we need. We have our friends, whom right now are making sure that I have a place to go if I am lonely. Also, we have the most wonderful blessing of the Gospel. Being able to receive blessings to provide us comfort or even healing, whether it is physically or spiritually. To be able to be comforted by the knowledge of being sealed in the temple knowing that Marcus and I will be together for time and all eternity. Marcus is truly my eternal companion and that always makes me so overfilled with joy. And most of all, what Jesus Christ did for us. Suffering in the Garden and dying for our sins and then conquering death. I mean, of all of the blessings in my life that has to be the greatest.

I just need to remember, through all trials and hardships, that I have these blessings and the thing I need to do most is show Patience.

Karin Marie

P.S. Thank you to everyone who is helping us through all of these trials. It is appreciated and admired more than you can ever know.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Finding a Blessing. Graduation!

*The website I posted is our pictures from Brooke Dillon who is an AMAZING photographer. If you want to look at them the password is "Love"

Marcus left for Mexico yesterday. My wonderful mother actually arrived at our apartment at 3 am to pick us up to take us to the airport because I don't like driving on the interstate and so I wouldn't have to make the trip home by myself. My mom is amazing. Marcus' flight took off at 6 am yesterday and he is studying abroad in Queretaro Mexico. (Queretaro took me forever to learn how to spell). He will be gone for a long six weeks. Yes, I am aware that military people are gone longer and that he will be home and so on and so forth. Well, 6 weeks is a stinkin long time to be away from the one you love anyway and it makes me feel really bad for the people that have to be separated longer. Cuz really, this sucks.
Any who, before Marcus left we decided to get some formal shots done. We never really had engagement pictures and I really wanted some cute pictures of us. I found Brooke Dillon and she does amazing work. The picture on top is one I could successfully copy from the website. The others were cleverly blocked so I wouldn't do such a horrible thing. :-P probably a good idea. These are just a couple of them. I can't copy my favorite one. Go check them out!

So, Marcus left yesterday to finish up some school. He is completely done with his spanish thesis (which of course I will never be able to read) and the only thing he has left is 9 hours abroad and then he will have that thousands of dollars piece of paper. I will be getting my piece of paper at the end of December. Something wonderful that has happened is that Marcus and I were able to "graduate" this month. We got empty envelopes but we had enough requirements done that we were able to do the walk across the stage. So...ALMOST THERE! But to finish I am taking another 9 credits of classes this summer and another 17 in the fall. I was also able to only take 14 credits, but of course I am a music major and have to take a full load.What ever. I am keeping busy with school and a new job. I am hoping that working full time and taking 9 credits of classes will keep me busy enough that the next 6 weeks will fly by. I do miss him tons. I mean I love Nanners, but she just isn't the same. She sure is cute though!

Another blessing is how wonderful people are being while Marcus is gone. Many people from church have already invited me over to be with them and my family is being super spectacular. :) I love all of the support from family and friends of Marcus finishing his degree and also supporting me here at home.

Well, that is the current update on what is going on. I will try to blog more and of course keep finding blessings in my life.
Love you all and thank you for all of your love and support. From both Marcus and I.
Karin Marie

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Trying to find the blessing.

So, Marcus is studying abroad this summer. He will be gone for 6 weeks and I will be left here to fend for myself. I am trying to figure out if we can go on a small get away to Mexico before he leaves for Mexico. Thing is, it costs money. I am trying to figure out the blessings of Marcus leaving. Time to myself? Not really...I am a HUGE people person. I hate being alone. HATE! Marcus finishing up his studying abroad stuff so he can graduate is a good thing. I guess that is one, but 6 weeks? Ugh. I sure hope we can have a Vaca before he goes. I sure wouldn't mind leaving the country for once. I have never been outside of the United States. I guess we will see. I sure hope there is a blessing on a trip with my husband before we have to be apart for so long. Yes, long. I know he isn't like in the army or anything and will be gone forever, but 6 weeks is still a long time. My rant is over. I must find the blessing in Marcus studying abroad. Good luck with that I know.

Does anyone understand backgrounds? I would like to have a template and I seem to have two different ones on my blog. Also, I would like to have a cool way to say the title of my blog across the top. Help Please.

with love,

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Talk for Church. 2/14/2010

I wanted to give a talk in church. This was the scripture that I was asked to speak on. Read and I hope that I was guided so your hearts can be uplifted. Mine sure did. 

Doctrine and Covenants 88:123-126. See that ye love one another; cease to be covetous; learn to impart one to another, as the gospel requires. Cease to be idle; cease to be unclean; cease to find fault one with another; cease to sleep longer than is needful; retire to thy bed early, that ye may not be weary; arise early, that your bodies and your minds may be invigorated. And about all things, clothe yourselves with the bond of charity as with a mantle, which is the bond of perfectness and peace.  Pray always, that ye may not faint, until I come. Behold, and lo, I will come quickly, and receive you unto myself. Amen.

God is clear to his children. Through his prophets, in this case, Joseph Smith, he is able to communicate to us exactly what he expects of us. In Doctrine and Covenants 88, it speaks much of what we call the plan of salvation in the atonement but it end it gives us specific instruction on how to act, especially in the temple, but in life in general. God is straightforward with his children. If we ask, he will guide us to the answer.

This specific scripture, Doctrine and Covenants 88:123-126 is an extremely powerful scripture. This whole section is extremely powerful, but I will just focus today on these 4 verses.

As you heard, this scripture speaks on many things from loving one another, exercising, resting properly, and of course Pray Always.

Just because it is Valentine’s day and of course it is an important topic, I will briefly talk about verse 123, “See that ye love one another; cease to be covetous; learn to impart one to another as the gospel requires.” Love is the most important commandment.  Of course most people know of the verses about Love that Paul wrote to the Corinthians.  Jesus speaks to his apostles in Luke 13:34 “A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.”  We as brothers and sisters need to love everyone. I myself am not perfect at this. I am sure none of us are. We strive to be perfect and righteous like our brother Jesus Christ.  We need to not think hateful things towards each other but wish the best for each other regardless if we do not get along in the office, or at school, or even here in church.  I am not saying that we need to be best friends with our enemies, but we do need to strive to truly care about the person.

This verse tells us not to be covetous and learn to impart one to another, as the gospel requires.  Covetous is painfully desiring of another’s advantages. We shouldn’t be desiring what others have and be jealous. Part of not being covetous is being happy with what you have. I have seen a lot lately of people being constantly unhappy with life. There are constant complaints in the world on how bad the roads are in good or bad weather, how jobs are not paying enough when in all reality people are blessed that they have a job, in the music world there are people who constantly complain how they have to go to rehearsal when they should be happy that they were accepted in to a select ensemble. Life is hard. We are allowed to complain, but we need to monitor how much we do so and just be grateful for what we have. What will help us not be covetous is to do what this scripture says.  We need to impart or to share thoughts, ideas, gifts, abilities, and even testimonies with each other. If we do these few things, we as human beings and as brothers and sisters, can build each other up in good and bad times, and also help each other with trials with life. Life is hard enough as it is, we might as well help each other through it.

The next part of the scripture states “cease to be idle; cease to be unclean; cease to find fault in one another.” This scripture speaks for itself.  It does go on to say “cease to sleep longer than is needful; retire to thy bed early, that ye may not be weary; arise early that your bodies and your minds may be invigorated.” I am not very good at this. I am pretty sure it is the opposite with my sleep schedule. But, I can testify that this is true. There have been times where I can get to bed before midnight, not very often anymore, but when I do and I get up in the morning, it is so nice. Usually, Marcus would work shifts in the afternoon to late at night. It would be so nice to get up because then I was able to spend some quality time with my husband before he had to leave to work. I have noticed how much more awake I am when I go to bed and how much more energized and mainly happy I am when I am able to do this. Many of us have new years resolutions. One of mine is getting to bed at a decent time so I am able to get up in the morning and accomplish more in the day. I found out this is easier said than done. And I am doing my best to do so.
“And about all things, clothe yourself with the bond of charity as with a mantle, which is the bond of perfectness and peace.” I love this part. I had to really study this to figure out what it was really saying. Clothe yourself with the bond of charity. That part is beautiful. It is not just talking about giving to charities, but to be like Christ, to show unconditional love for one another. To help everyone and care for everyone with a full heart regardless of who they are, what they do, or what they have done.  It also says to wear charity as a mantle. Do not just show charity just to show it. Make it a mantle. Make charity part of your character and every day life. Make charity part of your identity. Jesus in his day showed this through being with the lepers, healing the sick, and of course being with the children. Jesus is a perfect example of what charity is. We show charity through unconditional love that Jesus has showed for us. We help and aid the suffering and help those in need. It is nice to donate to charities. It is encouraged especially with what is going on in Haiti right now. But, we can also help each other here at home. Babysitting each other’s children so we all have chances to go to the temple, helping each other move or just being there in difficult times. Sometimes, showing charity just means lending and ear to a person who just needs somebody to listen.   This is the bond of perfectness and peace.
“Pray always, that ye not faint, until I come. Behold, and lo, I will come quickly, and receive you unto myself. Amen.” How encouraging. Pray always, and he will come quickly and receive us unto him. Like I said before, Life is hard and we need to help each other through it. Our Heavenly Father and our brother Jesus are always there to listen and also they are there to help. We just need to go to them when we need the help. We also need to go to them when we don’t need help and give thanks for the blessings in our lives. I find myself going to pray when I need something. Reminds me of being a teenager and going to my Mom asking for money all the time. For gas, for clothes, to go out with friends, what ever it may be. At the time I really didn’t go to my Mom just to talk to her or thank her for all that she has done for me. Heavenly Father is the same way. Yes, he will be there in our times of struggle, but he has also been there in times of great joy. Remember, to pray often and not just for the struggles in your life but also pray just to pray. Heavenly Father, just like our parents, love hearing from their children, especially when things are going well.
This scripture shows us so much guidance. One can base their character just off of these few verses. If we all strive to do what these four verses tell us to do and pray often, I am faithful that all of our lives will improve. Our out look on life, even when life isn’t going that great or when life is going wonderfully, will improve and in the long run, we will be truly happier. Everyone in this world strives to be happy. They are looking for happiness in their lives. If we listen to Heavenly Father and live by this, happiness will come.

I to try to live out this scripture and impart unto you today my testimony. Hopefully, it will help someone today. If it doesn’t help any of you, I know just by sharing it, it will help me. I have a strong testimony in this scripture. If we try to live out this scripture and try to show unconditional love towards each other and charity, and what the rest of this scripture has stated, we will be happier. I know that this is the true church. This is what our Heavenly Father and Jesus intended.  So much happiness has come into my life just because I have joined this church a little over two years ago. I will say the road was challenging for a while with converting to the church, but I do not regret any part of it one bit. I know that families can be together forever.  That when someone passes before us and even children that we haven’t been able to meet, I know that they are still apart of my family, and they will be forever and I will get to be with them again. I love knowing that and I love knowing that Marcus is my eternal companion for time and all eternity. I love this church and I will never forsake. I say all of these things with a sincere hear in the name of our brother Jesus Christ. Amen. 

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Man named Benzo.

Yes. His name was Benzo. 

Once upon a time there was a girl taking her husband to work. She drops him off and heads down to around 13th and South street when she gets hit.  F*** she yells. (This girl has a language problem when she gets upset. Well, actually she has a language problem in general. ANYWAY...) She gets out of the car to examine the damage. Two men step out of their beautiful White Lexus and examine the damage as well. (You will learn later that was not the only thing they were examining.) The girl and the two men shook hands and decided to move on with life because there were no injuries or damages to the cars. The girl gets back in the car and goes up 13th street where the shiny white lexus pulls up next to her not so clean and shiny purple caviller. They yell to her about exchanging numbers. The girl thought to herself that this would be a good idea considering they didnt exchange any information what so ever! So she pulls over behind the guys. A man gets out of the car and walks towards her. He kneels next to the greyish purple caviller (it needed a bath) and asks for her number. SHe grabs insurance information as well before giving him her number. He tells her that his name is Benzo. Benzo? What kind of name is Benzo? She takes down his number. Benzo then informs the girl that he didnt want her insurance information but just her number. She was hot! And he was yelling to her to get her phone number! She then informs Benzo that she is happily married. Benzo then gets sad and walks away saying have a good day.

Of course this is all a hypothetical situation. I would never have a language problem!! Well, this made today very interesting. I really did get "Hit on" so to speak. Hehe. Corny joke I know but you too thought it was funny. Admit it. 

This was my newest adventure for the day. Should I be flattered? Still confused by this. My husband now wants to rear end me so I know that he thinks I am hot. I sure it doesnt have to get to that point.

Have a wonderful day.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Come Thou Fount of every Blessing. Tune my heart to see thy grace! 2009 blessings and wishes for 2010

I am happy I titled my blog the way I did. "Small but Significant Blessings." Because of this title I feel I need to leave every entry a positive one. Never thought I would really benefit from blogging. I guess I was led to name my blog with such a positive title. It keeps me thinking positive even though times can be hard!

I will say 2009 did not end positively. I am still having complications from the miscarriage. Because of this dreadful event I never thought I would be able to feel positive about 2009 again. But how silly is that? It was only a few days out of a whole year! So many blessings have happened this year!

1. I just spent an amazing year with my husband. We celebrated our one year anniversary December 20. We have gone through so much with each other. So many wonderful things. We got a cute and obnoxious kitty cat name Nannerl or Nanners. We usually just call her kitty. She has been such a wonderful addition to our family.

2. We finally sort of established a home! Yes, we still live in a small 2 bedroom apartment, but yet, it was such an accomplishment for us! I moved in with Marcus when we got married. We were able to move out (it was getting a little sketchy). We got to move in July 15. In this apartment we had what we call our first Christmas. Our first was a course a year ago, but this year wasn't as stressful with balancing familes, work, and a honeymoon.

3. Marcus and I both have jobs. I have the most amazing supervisors and bosses at The Children's Place at Gateway Mall in Lincoln. They are very flexible with my school schedule and just understanding people. Marcus has a wonderful job with Cedars Youth Services. He LOVES it.

4. We were able to afford a small vacation to Salt Lake City Utah to meet new family (for me) and hang out with Liz, who is Marcus's sister. It was tons of fun and we were able to have a small get away.

5. Both Marcus and I had successful recitals on bassoon and horn this year as well. God has blessed us with musical talents as well.

6. Family time was wonderful this Christmas. We were able to be with Marcus's parents and Josh and Sarah Haws and the girls, and I got to spend time with my family, regardless of the winter blizzards. I love my family!

7. Even though I wouldn't call a miscarriage a blessing, it did bring blessings throughout this horrible trial. I have become more spiritually in tune with God. Why maybe he would have taken our baby home so soon before I even got to meet it. It made me trust more in the Lord for the plans that He has. It has brought Marcus and I together even more. I realize that I have a great support system. My family has gotten closer through this and I realized I have an amazing support system in the church.

2009 has been an amazing year. I can not wait for the adventures that 2010 will bring. The first one for sure is baking cookies with my wonderful nieces.

Happy New Year everyone! Many more blessings to come! Just remember to remember those blessings through tough times and even happy times.

Karin Marie