Thursday, June 3, 2010

Super Excited!

Okay, so I am super excited. The link above is a piece I am planning on playing for my Senior Horn Recital this coming Halloween. It is going to be stellar. I am just super stoked. After that performance I will be getting ready to audition for Graduate School. I know what I want to do when I grow up. I WANT TO PLAY! Oh my gosh would that be amazing. A dream of mine is playing for the Orchestra at Temple Square and then another orchestra. That would be the most amazing thing ever. I also just bought my recital dress today. I am really excited about it.

It is from DownEast Basics which is by far my favorite store. To bad there isn't one in Nebraska. I am getting it in black and I am so excited. And it wasn't very much money.

I am also super excited because almost all of the bills are paid for June and it is only the 3rd. And financially we are going to be just fine. That makes me super happy.

One more thing is that today I totally ordered the pictures that were taken a weekish ago or so. I am so excited to get my dress and a box full of pictures in the mail. I love getting packages in the mail.

So there is my rant. I am just super excited and I just had to tell you all.

Karin Marie

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