Sunday, June 27, 2010

Good Things to Come

This is Nanners creeping in my covers. This is what I have been waking up to in the morning recently. Not the same as cuddling with my hubby of course. 
But...there are
Good Things to Come.

This is a great link to watch. My husband showed me this link today. I watched it and it almost brought tears to my eyes. It was so encouraging, for both Marcus and I.

This time of us being apart has not been easy. At all. I really admire our veterans who leave their families or other men and women who have to leave their families for other reasons. These weeks have been so difficult. We have dealt with more than our fair share of fraud on my bank account, which is recently being resolved, miscarriage, gaining a new car, blown tire on new car, adjusting with balancing school and work (super tired...), Marcus being sick with who knows what while in Mexico, and who else knows what. And of course I had to learn ANOTHER lesson on what doesn't go in the garbage disposal.  Thank you to Aaron, a great friend of mine, for fixing it for me. It turns out it wasn't the peas  I put down the garbage disposal, it was a dry erase marker that fell in. Woops.

But... there are good things to come.

Besides all of the stresses that has been happening these past few weeks, I am looking forward to many things. The biggest one is Marcus coming out of the gate at the airport. I can not wait to run in his arms and finally be held again. I am so looking forward to that first kiss of him being back. Also, I am looking forward to playing in the pit orchestra for White Christmas this summer. I am meeting new people and I get the wonderful opportunity to play my horn with other musicians. And it just keeps me playing. I am also done with school for the summer. I have been in the process of working on Ged Eds this summer by taking Biology, Health and Wellness, and Master Pieces of Literature. So both Marcus and I have wrapped up some major credit hours worth of school this summer. I am looking forward to having a couple days of summer this coming August. With wrapping up credit hours this summer, both Marcus and I can graduate this coming December and go out into the real world. I don't know if I am excited about that or more nervous. I guess a little of both.

I know things are challenging right now. It seems like even though he is going to be home extremely soon, it seems yet so far away. It seems that more and more challenging things just keep coming. Yet, I watched that video today and it was so encouraging. Knowing to never give up and blessings will come sooner and even some later. One for sure came today when I got to spend some quality time today with my parents and my sister.

Blessings come in so many forms. I just need to remember to keep counting them and looking for them. I also need to remember that Good Things are to Come. Including my husband getting off of that plane. That is best thing as of right now, that there is to come. Just keep going in faith and you will always make it through.
Love always,
Karin Marie

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  1. I looked at the video also, and I thought it was awesome. I know that you have had a rough time with Marcus being gone, and I am excited for him to come home and for you guys to be together, once again. and I agree- I can't imagine how Military marriages do it, and I also can't imagine how the whole family does it also.