Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Right Side of the Bed

I am currently in a Masterpieces of Literature class. I am taking it as one of my Gen-Ed classes. In this class the main focus is Writing Self and Autobiographies. We had to write about a special place and be as descriptive as possible. I was not aware that this would be read to the whole class by me. Also, we had to do something similar again in class today, and again, my paper was chosen to read in front of the whole class, AGAIN! Anyway, I am kinda proud of my description.

I wake up. The sun is blaring through my bedroom window. My cat is snoozing right beside me. She is not the best cuddle buddy. The right side of the bed remains empty. I can not wait to snuggle up towards the right side of the bed and feel warmth again. I look beside my bed on the night stand where my phone is charging. I see a black and white picture of my husband and I leaning in close for a kiss.

 Right below the frame is my journal opened to the entry of our wedding day. I can just picture the chandelier  and the white and gold. There in the granite building we were married for time and all eternity. I shut my journal and climb out of bed being careful not to disturb my cat. I look towards my dresser to see a vase of flowers from my husband reminding me that he will be home soon.

Above the flowers is a large portrait of him and I. His arms wrapped around me protecting me and both of us look like we can take on the world. Kind of feeling that way right now. But soon I wont be doing it alone. And soon I will be able to wake up towards the right side of the bed and see him there. What a day that will be.

Karin Marie.

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