Thursday, July 22, 2010

Life As We Know It.

So, it is already almost August. A lot has happened in the past few weeks. MY HUBBY IS HOME! Which, I am sure most of you already knew due to my frequent Facebook updates and countdowns. Let me just say it was such a relief seeing him come out of his gate. I was shaking I was so excited. I was relieved having him and being in his arms again. Let's just say he received many Besos when he got home. :) Many things have happened since he has returned. He is now back at work full-time where I on the other hand quit my job. I had two jobs and school and I was playing for Pinewood Bowl at the time. Let me just say...I was a little stressed. The Monday after he came home I told the company I worked for that I would not be returning. Which was a GREAT decision. Yes, we are super tight in our budget right now, but I was miserable at that office. I am glad I worked there because I was paid enough to get us through while he was gone. Things are tight now but I am so much happier. Plus, I get to be home! It has been quite a job keeping up with the place. It feels better though having a home that is kept up instead of messy because we are never around to take care of it.

It was weird having Marcus gone. I have never lived on my own. I lived with my parents, dorms, to getting married and moving in with Marcus. I have never had to live on my own. Well, while Marcus was gone not only did I have a lot of stuff to deal with (which is mentioned in previous blogs) but I had to work tons, go to school, and make sure all bills were paid. Kinda a 6 week crash course in life! I am glad that crash course is over.

Speaking of countdowns, when Marcus returning home countdown ended, a new one began. This one is for my birthdays. Birthdays are kinda  big deal in my family. We tend to celebrate them all week and beg for special treatment during that week. Well, I am very much looking forward to my birthday this coming September 8th. Not very far away!! I am a little excited. It is weird though. I am turning 22. No longer a kid anymore! Along with my birthday coming up, of course I started working on a birthday list. Last year I really didn't have one. Or really the year before that. But, usually for me the list is prepped months in advance, so really, I am behind schedule.  Here is what I have so far.

New pots and pans where the Teflon won’t chip off
Nice dishtowels and wash clothes for the kitchen
Tea towels
Beauty and the Beast on DVD
Corelle dish ware
Munch Money (Wesleyan Café)
Downeast Basics or Maurice’s gift cards
Gift card to HyVee, Supersaver, or Wal-mart (Groceries)

Not going to lie, my birthday list scared me. I noticed that the things I want are not CD's or anything I thought I would list. Most of it is stuff for my kitchen and GROCERIES!! Who would have thunk? I want groceries for my birthday? I HAVE to be growing up. Also, I mention dish ware, dish towels and wash clothes, and I want pots and pans where the Teflon doesn't chip off. Can you tell I have lived on my own for a little while now? Of course I add clothes from my two favorite stores Maurice's and Downeast Basics. LOVE! 

Well, along with August being almost here, school will be starting up again soon. Marcus will begin his student teaching to finish up his B.M.E and we are both done in December. I am a little nervous for this upcoming semester. It is going to be busy and stressful! I am sure everything will work out though.

Lots of Love!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Social Media and Texting

Before Marcus left for Mexico, we turned off our texting on our phones to save us some money and I could not believe how nice it is to not be constantly connected to people. My phone or Marcus' phone isn't constantly notifying us of messages. Even though I am social, highly social, I do not like being able to be contacted 24/7. Which brings me to a couple concerns of mine. 

The first one is the need to constantly needing to be connected in the first place. I am not saying I have never done this myself, so I am not perfect, but a HUGE pet peeve of mine is people who have to text and drive. I am so happy that a law passed in Nebraska that is making that illegal, just good luck to those who have to enforce it.  It is such a dangerous thing. To text AND drive, you either have to take one or both hands off the wheel, and you have to look consistently at the screen on your phone to type. And I am not posting this to be proven wrong, it is just a dangerous and irresponsible thing to do that not only puts the driver texting in danger, but other people on the road as well. 

My other concern is Facebook. Yes, I am always on Facebook and I post status updates. The status' that bother me though the  the ones that discuss being on the road driving and there was one status that made me laugh. It was discussing being behind and old lady and how slow she was and that the person (who is texting and driving) is having road rage. This made me giggle because the combination of Road Rage, Texting, AND driving. They were probably putting on mascara too just to make it interesting. 

It is just scary because research shows ( that texting while driving is like driving while intoxicated. 

Just as a concerned driver on the road, I know I struggle with things because I do talk on the phone while driving. But please, do you have to be SO connected with people that you have to update your Facebook status about life while your driving?  Can it at least wait until you reach your destination or something? Especially if you are upset?

A video.

Thank you.
Fellow Concerned Driver.