Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mission #healthierself

FINALLY!!! I am feeling successful with my weight loss journey and my Mission #healthierself. I have hit my pre-preggo weight of 207! A year ago I was 217, I dropped down like 6 pounds  then I gained almost another 20. I am making positive progress and I can tell with how my pants keep falling down (even fresh out of the dryer) and I can actually see the change.

Now... how am I doing this?
First. Motivation. I was reading a blog on motivation and how to lose weight. I finally found my first motivation for my first BIG GOAL which is to lose 25 pounds. 25 pounds would put me in the "wonderland" of just barely under 200. So, here is my motivation. My goal is to lose 25 pounds by the time I am 25 years old. That date is September 8. Honestly, that is PLENTY of time I would think, but it helps because I know I have reasonable time to reach that goal. Especially, if I plateau like I did for a month. Horrible! You want to talk about frustrating? It's staying at the exact same weight when you have added exercise to boot and you don't move at all. Ugh! Well, at least I know I have plenty of time if that happens again. My other motivation is this. To not be in the Plus Size Section ever again. I am boarder line. I can find clothes that fit me on both sides, but it sucks when stuff doesn't fit and you have to go to a completely different section of the store. Also, I WANT TO WEAR THOSE FREAKING AWESOME CALF BOOTS!! My calves are too fat for them. The boots don't go over them.

How am I doing it?
Honestly, it's changing my portion control, diet, and adding exercise. There it is my friends. The secret to weight loss. Who would of thunk? I will say I did subscribe to WeightWatchers which actually helped quite a bit. Tracking what you eat (not tracking in your head but actually recording it somewhere) really helps. Knowing the nutritional value of what you eat compared to others while you record really changed things for me. I am getting to the point where my diet and portion intake is becoming a habit, so I might cancel WeightWatchers soon, but we'll see. I love the program and I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone. It teaches you how to eat and you don't have to completely change your lifestyle.

Next thing is exercise. Honestly, I still don't do it enough. I found on Pinterest a layout to train for a 5k. Now, I don't know if I will ever do a 5k but I figure if I am in shape enough to run 5k, that's good enough for me. So, I started doing it. It starts with walking, then interval training running, and eventually you are only running. I am not to that point yet. But, for what it is worth, it's making me feel better about myself.

Unless you have specific instructions from your doctor not to exercise YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE!! That was the next biggest thing for me. And I still struggle with it. I will come up with excuses not to exercise. Here is a list of my top excuses. And my responses.

1. I'm Tired   -- I'm a Mom. I am going to be tired for the rest of my life. Plus, if I am in better shape, I won't be as tired.

2. I don't want people to see me  -- Get over it. Period. A dear friend of mine wrote me this when I was worried about people watching me exercise outside.

"Three ladies were sitting on the porch having coffee and eating cake. A very large fat man would run by them. Usually failing and having to stop to breathe. They would laugh at him every time he ran past because he just looked stupid and miserable. He was an eyesore to watch exercise while every portion of his body jiggled with every step. Everyday he ran by. Then one day the man was running by. He was lean and ran with ease. Then the ladies realized while he worked and while they laughed, they were still on the porch eating cake..."

Be that man.

3. It's too hot -- No, crap Sherlock. It's summer. Welcome to Nebraska. If you expect perfect weather conditions to work out, you will never work out.

4. I'm sore.  --Good. You're supposed to be.

5. My knees/hip/ankles blah blah blah hurt. --you know what, yeah. That is a problem. There are TONS of low impact exercises out there. Use them. If you need help, talk to your doctor on what  you can do.

6. I have no where to workout. --Yes you do. Do you live in a house? Good. That house is somehow connected to a street. Guess what?! Streets are open 24 hours. Crazy! Sometimes, it is just nice walking/running in the moonlight. You see a whole different side to nature.

For those working out inside (I did this in the past.)

7. I don't have room. --Make room. Move furniture around so you have the space to work out. Make it part of your work out. Especially if you are home during the day anyway. It doesn't take that long.

8. My kid isn't napping -- then make them a part of your workouts. They are great for weight training.

9. I'm sick. Like flu. <---ok is="" legit.="" one="" p="" that="">
10. Any other excuse you can come up with.  --It's probably not good enough. Traveling? They have streets too.

Considered yourself chewed out. :)

DON'T GIVE UP! I am just now personally seeing some results with my weight loss. I am down about 17 pounds and have been at this since I think February is when I decided. It takes a while, but that is okay! Just keep going!

So... what's with this weird hashtag thing I am doing?

So. Here is the story. My husband is addicted to youtube. (Marcus really. You are. You are still in the denial phase. :) ) A close second is Reddit. Anyway, he started watching a HILARIOUS family called The ShayTards. Shay is the father that does most of the recording. Originally he started vlogging because he wanted to lose weight. It was called Mission Shayloss or something lame like that. Anyway, he recorded his weight loss journey. I thought this was quite cool. I also liked that the titled it and made it a mission. Therefore, I was inspired to come up with Mission #healthierself. I just wish when I started I would have put the hashtag in front of Mission too. Oh well. Feel free to follow me on twitter (kprice1220). I will try to keep my journey more updated. :)

I should be a motivational speaker that lives in a van down by the river...

Love you all lots! Keep going!