Friday, August 6, 2010

Talents are blessings right?

Is it possible to be blessed with TO MANY talents? I am not trying to be cocky or anything. But here are things things I have really enjoyed in my life. (Not that I do them currently)

-I LOVE riding horses. I haven't been on a horse in seven years. This bothers me.
-I really enjoyed AutoCad and drafting in middle school and high school. I was good at it.
-I won best design in middle school for my CO2 car. It rocked! I should go find it.
-I did a lot of art classes in middle school and high school. I even painted a mural in the band room and painted and designed the Big Band Dance Music Stands for the Sax line. I went to an honor art show my freshman year as well. I haven't done a lot of art since. I haven't even taken a class in college. Originally I wanted an art minor. Fail.
I miss art SO much I am going to bless you with some pictures. (hope you caught the sarcasm)

-I love music. I have played trumpet, bass guitar, guitar, French horn, and piano.
-I love animals. I want a farm.
-I desire to be a mother.

Okay, so I have all of these things I love doing. I would love to be back in the wood shop again. IT SMELLS SO GOOD. It has been years though. And nothing beats the smell of a barn.

So here is my problem. I have named a small number of interests that I have. As of right now I am planning on going on to graduate school for horn performance. The thing with that though is I have chronic problems with my lungs. I am sure my hearing is getting worse and worse AND I have tendonitis in both of my shoulders. Not really sounding good for someone who wants to be a horn player.

So. I am stuck. As of right now, the most ideal life for me would be living with my husband on an acreage with a shop. I would be able to build things and paint and draw and design, and when I get bored with that I would hop on a horse and go for a ride. I would have dogs come with us and I would have a kiddo sitting in my lap. It bothers me. Because in that dream, where is horn? Where is music? Maybe I won't even keep up with it. Maybe I put myself on the wrong path. Is that possible? Even my grandma said that she always pictured me doing art things like my mom did. I love doing. I love working with my hands.

Mom says I have to many interests and I have many talents. I just wish I knew what I was going to be doing in the future. Then I could just work towards it. Maybe I will just go back to school and start all over. Maybe I will go get an associates from SCC in art. Any takers?

Gosh what I would do to get back on a horse again. And I really miss being an artist. At least I know I can keep that up if I wanted.

Talents are blessings right? Now what to do with my life...
Karin Marie.

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