Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Man named Benzo.

Yes. His name was Benzo. 

Once upon a time there was a girl taking her husband to work. She drops him off and heads down to around 13th and South street when she gets hit.  F*** she yells. (This girl has a language problem when she gets upset. Well, actually she has a language problem in general. ANYWAY...) She gets out of the car to examine the damage. Two men step out of their beautiful White Lexus and examine the damage as well. (You will learn later that was not the only thing they were examining.) The girl and the two men shook hands and decided to move on with life because there were no injuries or damages to the cars. The girl gets back in the car and goes up 13th street where the shiny white lexus pulls up next to her not so clean and shiny purple caviller. They yell to her about exchanging numbers. The girl thought to herself that this would be a good idea considering they didnt exchange any information what so ever! So she pulls over behind the guys. A man gets out of the car and walks towards her. He kneels next to the greyish purple caviller (it needed a bath) and asks for her number. SHe grabs insurance information as well before giving him her number. He tells her that his name is Benzo. Benzo? What kind of name is Benzo? She takes down his number. Benzo then informs the girl that he didnt want her insurance information but just her number. She was hot! And he was yelling to her to get her phone number! She then informs Benzo that she is happily married. Benzo then gets sad and walks away saying have a good day.

Of course this is all a hypothetical situation. I would never have a language problem!! Well, this made today very interesting. I really did get "Hit on" so to speak. Hehe. Corny joke I know but you too thought it was funny. Admit it. 

This was my newest adventure for the day. Should I be flattered? Still confused by this. My husband now wants to rear end me so I know that he thinks I am hot. I sure it doesnt have to get to that point.

Have a wonderful day.

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