Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Trying to find the blessing.

So, Marcus is studying abroad this summer. He will be gone for 6 weeks and I will be left here to fend for myself. I am trying to figure out if we can go on a small get away to Mexico before he leaves for Mexico. Thing is, it costs money. I am trying to figure out the blessings of Marcus leaving. Time to myself? Not really...I am a HUGE people person. I hate being alone. HATE! Marcus finishing up his studying abroad stuff so he can graduate is a good thing. I guess that is one, but 6 weeks? Ugh. I sure hope we can have a Vaca before he goes. I sure wouldn't mind leaving the country for once. I have never been outside of the United States. I guess we will see. I sure hope there is a blessing on a trip with my husband before we have to be apart for so long. Yes, long. I know he isn't like in the army or anything and will be gone forever, but 6 weeks is still a long time. My rant is over. I must find the blessing in Marcus studying abroad. Good luck with that I know.

Does anyone understand backgrounds? I would like to have a template and I seem to have two different ones on my blog. Also, I would like to have a cool way to say the title of my blog across the top. Help Please.

with love,


  1. Hey,
    If you change to a different layout template you can easily add backgrounds and all kinds of things. the cutest blog on the block makes it really easy. If you need more help figuring it out just let me know.

  2. I just checked and it works with the "minima" template.