Thursday, May 27, 2010

Finding a Blessing. Graduation!

*The website I posted is our pictures from Brooke Dillon who is an AMAZING photographer. If you want to look at them the password is "Love"

Marcus left for Mexico yesterday. My wonderful mother actually arrived at our apartment at 3 am to pick us up to take us to the airport because I don't like driving on the interstate and so I wouldn't have to make the trip home by myself. My mom is amazing. Marcus' flight took off at 6 am yesterday and he is studying abroad in Queretaro Mexico. (Queretaro took me forever to learn how to spell). He will be gone for a long six weeks. Yes, I am aware that military people are gone longer and that he will be home and so on and so forth. Well, 6 weeks is a stinkin long time to be away from the one you love anyway and it makes me feel really bad for the people that have to be separated longer. Cuz really, this sucks.
Any who, before Marcus left we decided to get some formal shots done. We never really had engagement pictures and I really wanted some cute pictures of us. I found Brooke Dillon and she does amazing work. The picture on top is one I could successfully copy from the website. The others were cleverly blocked so I wouldn't do such a horrible thing. :-P probably a good idea. These are just a couple of them. I can't copy my favorite one. Go check them out!

So, Marcus left yesterday to finish up some school. He is completely done with his spanish thesis (which of course I will never be able to read) and the only thing he has left is 9 hours abroad and then he will have that thousands of dollars piece of paper. I will be getting my piece of paper at the end of December. Something wonderful that has happened is that Marcus and I were able to "graduate" this month. We got empty envelopes but we had enough requirements done that we were able to do the walk across the stage. So...ALMOST THERE! But to finish I am taking another 9 credits of classes this summer and another 17 in the fall. I was also able to only take 14 credits, but of course I am a music major and have to take a full load.What ever. I am keeping busy with school and a new job. I am hoping that working full time and taking 9 credits of classes will keep me busy enough that the next 6 weeks will fly by. I do miss him tons. I mean I love Nanners, but she just isn't the same. She sure is cute though!

Another blessing is how wonderful people are being while Marcus is gone. Many people from church have already invited me over to be with them and my family is being super spectacular. :) I love all of the support from family and friends of Marcus finishing his degree and also supporting me here at home.

Well, that is the current update on what is going on. I will try to blog more and of course keep finding blessings in my life.
Love you all and thank you for all of your love and support. From both Marcus and I.
Karin Marie