Saturday, January 29, 2011

I can't believe I didn't do a post about this...

Okay, of ALL of the blessings in my life I ABSOLUTELY FAILED in mentioning my most biggest blessing of all ON OUR ANNIVERSARY!!! ugh. I. Am. Horrible.

Well, I guess one month and 9 days isn't TOO late to post something about our anniversary right?

Well, two years, one month, and 9 days ago I married THE MOST AMAZING MAN that any girl could ever ask for. Just so you know, I am not as pathetic as you think I am. We were married on December 20th, 2008, so it is REALLY EASY to keep track of how long we have been married. So judge me. :)

So, this past year of marriage has been interesting as you can tell from past blogs. We have lost two of our precious baby's but our third is on the way and the pregnancy is going so far so good. :D Yay for us both!

Marcus and I both walked at Graduation this year and had a graduation party with my family.

Marcus had a successful senior recital.

Marcus studied abroad in Queretaro, Mexico. It was a very long 6 weeks. But, because of this studying abroad he was able to complete is BA in Spanish.
Pyramid of the Sun

A statue of a Xoloitzcuintle which is a Aztec dog that was bred just to be a pet. Under the statue there is a real one sitting in the shade of the statue. 

To end Marcus' career at Wesleyan he student taught at Pius high school. He LOVED IT!!! He really misses teaching and is ready for his new adventure and his new school this March. 

Also this year I completed my senior recital. 

For Marcus' birthday I got him tickets to the Nebraska vs. Colorado game WHICH WE WON! There were fireworks at the end of the game. Of course I got us matching jerseys. :)

Even though we had many trails this year, we have also had many blessings. It seems in life that the challenges we face become the biggest blessings we will have. Our blessings our the challenges we face and conquer. :) 

I love you Marcus! I can't wait to spend all time and eternity with you!

Happy Anniversary Marcus! It has been an AMAZING two years. 

Love Always,
Karin Marie

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