Monday, March 7, 2011

A New Chapter

A new chapter in our lives has begun. Marcus started teaching 5-12 instrumental music at Franklin Public Schools on March 1. He comes home with a smile every day. He loves his job! Especially due to past jobs where he was working with the kids because they were in trouble... now he is working with kids who actually behave. He kinda likes this. :)

Besides that we are still in the hustle and bustle of unpacking. I can't find a pen for anything! Well along with moving in and settling in our new home I am actually starting to feel I look pregnant and not just fat. Well, I still feel fat but at least I look pregnant as well.

This is me at 18 weeks. Yay for a baby bump finally!!

Also with starting this new chapter in our lives we did add a new addition to our family. While Marcus' graduation gift from me was a new 32" flat screen HD TV, mine was to be a puppy. After calling and figuring out that I did not want to spend $250 on a dog, we decided to try the Kearney Humane Society.  
There we met our new companion. 

Meet Charly.
Charly is a blue heeler mix who is a little over a year old. So, she is a dog, but still a puppy too. She is extremely timid. Scared of linoleum floors and the lead we have for her outside so she wouldn't have to be stuck in the house. Sometimes when we go to pet her she flinches like we are going to hit her. We are thinking that before the Kearney Humane Society that she was abused. But, when she learns that we are not coming to hit her she wags her tail, smiles, and jumps up and asks for loving. She is a very sweet dog. She gets along well with our cat, which is a great positive. Nanners tends to avoid Charly anyway, but at least Nanners puts up with her! Here are some more pictures of our ride home from Kearney.
She has one solid brown eye and her left eye is half brown half blue. you can kind of see it in this picture. 

Marcus and I are really excited to have her as a new addition to our family. :) Now I have some company while Marcus is at school and some motivation for exercise, because she is going to need to go on walks. WIN WIN!!!

Karin Marie

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