Thursday, March 24, 2011

The baby is a............


Marcus and I went into our ultra sound this past Wednesday the 23. My appointment was kinda nerve racking for me. Mostly because I was meeting my new doctor and I did not get along well with my old doctor. The first hour was basic family medical history because I was a transfer patient. Finally the nurse called downstairs to see if the ultra sound room was ready and the doctor was called out for a delivery. So, we had to wait an hour while another first time mom gave birth to her first child. I figured that was a good reason to postpone my appointment by an hour. 

Finally we get to our appointment. Baby was really healthy. I found out I have only gained 6 pounds so far and I was at 20 weeks and 3 days. Baby was in the 63rd percentile for weight weighing a total of 13oz and her legs measured in the 93rd percentile. I am guessing she is getting her height from her daddy. :) Her heart rate was 140. 

Finally the big moment came. IT'S A GIRL! Marcus said "I knew it all along" (which is true. he has thought that since Christmas.)

Finally we can say her name. We have had a name decided since before we were married. Lydia Elaine Price will be blessing us with her presence in about 20 weeksish.  She was wiggly and wouldn't hold still. Because of this we werent really able to get good shots of her face or a 3D shot. But thats okay. AT LEAST SHE IS HEALTHY!

So there are the most recent pictures of my beautiful little girl. :)
I have started some nursery decorating too. I made a cute decoration with her name.

Finished Product. :)

Well that is my latest update with everything. Maybe I will post some updated pictures of our place soon. If you really want to see you can always check out Facebook too.

Love always
Karin Marie

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