Saturday, January 22, 2011

So many things!!!!!!!

So, Marcus had a job interview on Thursday for a Instrumental Music Instructor at Franklin Public Schools for grades 7-12.  Marcus and I were very much worried about this job. It's far away. I'll have to find a new doctor and hospital for the baby, we don't know anyone, it's out in the middle of no where, church no matter what direction is a 50 minute drive, we have to change cell phone carriers, etc... Marcus' biggest worry was that another job position, maybe a better one would come along and he wouldn't be able to take it. So we prayed. We prayed that if God wanted us out there, that he would make it obvious.

Well, I don't know how much more obvious it could have gotten! After the interview process and dinner with the rest of the candidates, we left and we were informed that we would know by 5pm that day what's going on. Whether it was a job offer or if it was going to take a few weeks to decide, they were going to let us know by 5. Well, on our drive home, around the York Exit, Marcus gets the phone call shortly before 5.  He was told it was a unanimous decision that was placed under 10 minutes. The students, parents, teachers, and administration ALL wanted him there. There were no doubts in their minds. I don't know about you, but that seems like a clear sign to me!

So, Marcus accepted the position and is now the new band instructor for Franklin Public Schools and I can't even describe how proud I am of him!  His contract starts March 1! So we will be moving shortly.

We were shown a house that was for sale but that was going to be taken off of the market in February.  It is quite quaint and cute!
We are planning on taming down the vines a little. But look at those cute red shutters! 

The very spacious upstairs and you can see there are three beds up there and still there is plenty of room to move. Through the french doors there is a 1/2 bathroom.

Kitchen. Only thing I wish it had is a dishwasher. 

This house used to belong to an old lady. Hence the decor you see in this picture and future pictures. This will probably be the baby's room. 

The other bedroom. This will probably be our room. Both bedrooms have these wood floors. 

Master Bath. On the right (not pictured) is a small vanity with a stool and drawers. I have a feeling I will be claiming that. I hope Marcus doesn't mind. :-P

The dining room. This room FILLS with sunlight. behind the windows and door is the screened in porch COMPLETE WITH WASHER AND DRYER. Am I excited? Yes, I am!

The Living Room complete with gas fireplace. 

The back of the house and back yard which is HUGE! The backyard is framed with shrubs. Also, WE ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE DOGS! Watch out Marcus! We are SO  getting a puppy. :)

Also, I tried adding this before, but this is the most recent picture of our little peanut. The head is on the left.  I was 9 weeks and 5 days for the ultrasound. I am 12 weeks tomorrow. Here comes the second trimester!!!!!

We have so many blessings happening in our lives right now! Marcus getting a job which he is actually using his degree, we have a little blessing on the way, and a HUGE support system. We are nervous but more excited than anything. Thank you everyone for your support!

Love Always,
Karin Marie


  1. Karin, I'm so excited for you and Marcus. What fun changes are coming your way!! And you TOTALLY deserve them. :) Love you!

  2. I am so happy for you two! What wonderful timing the Lord has for us--he is so faithful! I pray only the best for you and your family as you take this new step in your life!!

  3. Thank you so much Mary and Kim! This opportunity came at a great time for our family. We are nervous but extremely excited.