Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Okay, as you all know from the past that my greatest talent IS NOT pregnancy. We lost our first child a little over a year ago and it was devestating. I tried so hard to stay positive throughout the entire thing. But, it was hard to deal with through out the entire year. Right before Marcus left for Mexico, I mentioned again that we lost another baby. Throughout these times my confidence on someday becoming a mother was dwendling into something that instead of a reality and future goal, but into just a fantasy.

Well, surprise surprise! At the end of November, I had a craving. I needed a pulled pork sanwich WITH hashbrowns (yes, hashbrowns) and I needed it now.

The craving was bad. You know the story of "Twas the night before Christmas?" and sugarplums were dancing in the childrens' heads? Well, this went something like that. Only it was hashbrowns and pulled pork sandwiches in my head. All. Night. Long. Drove me crazy!

Well anyway, because of this specific craving Marcus asked if I was preggers. I said "yeah right." Well, I took a pregnancy test and there ya have it.  A DARK PINK LINE. TWO OF THEM! I was knocked up. So, many doubts went through my head of this pregnancy actually making it. I went to the doc and they checked all of my levels. My progesterone was low (which is a cause of miscarriages btw) and they put me on a supplement to help.


Anyway, I went into my ultrasound last Friday. My doctor checked everything out and the baby is healthy! Everything is developing like it should. As the doctor said. "It's a keeper!"

Baby is 5.4cm last I knew with a heart rate of 171. Baby is due August 7. 

I tried posting a picture of the Ultrasound and it wouldn't work for some reason. Please keep baby and I in your prayers. I still have concerns. Thank you!


  1. Karin,

    I am so incredibly happy for you and your family! I wish you the best and can't wait to meet the newest member in August! :)


  2. This is great news. Making through that ultrasound and heartbeat check is a good milestone. Many prayers and good wishes for all three of you.