Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Would anyone be interested?

So... like many others out there, we can use money. I have been brainstorming on what talents I have and if it can help with family income. I have been told that I could sell some of the stuff I create, but the thing is... is there a demand for it? So, I am asking you. Would anyone be interested in the stuff I create? I am going to post just a couple pictures, but it isn't everything I have done. I also have an album of more stuff on Facebook. I just don't want to start making stuff and then not sell it. Seems kinda counter productive if you ask me.
Anyway... feedback please. Here are just a couple pictures.

A chandelier 

Royal Iced Cookies. Thing is, I have only made these once. Turned out really good for the first try...

Name Decor

Please leave feedback on here or on Facebook if anyone would be interested in this stuff...

1 comment:

  1. I like it! Karin made me a "K" for a wedding gift for our door! These make excellent wedding and housewarming gifts!