Friday, May 10, 2013

Getting fit

A long time ago, I posted a blog about how I was determined to loose weight. Remember? I do, because it turned into a failure. Why? Because I gave up.

It was about a year ago actually, because I wanted to be under 200 for my sister's wedding. I started at 217 and I got down to 202 then I hit a plateau. I was angry. Marcus was loosing weight faster than I was and I was having cravings for fatty foods like crazy. I gave up.

Well, due to me giving up I hit an all time high. I was the same weight as when I was full term with my daughter, Lydia. I hit the scale as was at 222.8. Yikes! I was at 230 the last time I was weighed before delivering Lydia. I cried. I was almost the same weight as when I was full term. I couldn't believe it. So, I decided to try again, this time with a different mindset of I will not give up. I started turning things around in February.

I am using Weight Watchers again. I loved how it worked last time and I love it now. I would totally recommend it to anyone who can use some structure when trying to loose weight. It teaches you how to eat and holds you accountable. It also helps you set goals. The first goal was to loose a percentage of body weight. Which I HIT TODAY!! YAY! I have gone from 222.8 to 209.4 today! Yeah, I am excited.

Here are some of my reasons why I want to loose weight.

1. To have a longer life with my husband and daughter
2. To reduce the chances of a high likelihood of getting diabetes or heart disease (thank you family genetics.)
3. To obtain a real goal that I have set for myself
4. Confidence and self esteem. Both can use a little boost right now
5. To have more energy for my family
6. To feel attractive when I see myself in the mirror and smile!
7. To be able to go to ANY store and find clothes that fit and not have to worry if I need to be in the Plus section or the Misses section
8. TO WEAR CALF HEIGHT BOOTS!! Those things rock, but my calves are too big to even zip them up
9. To feel more comfortable in a swimsuit
10. To be able to go up a flight of stairs without being winded
11. I want my knees and feet to stop hurting so bad
12. To have healthier pregnancies at a lower weight.

So, those are my reasons for wanting to loose. I think they are pretty good reasons myself! My goals include basic get past 210 (which I have just accomplished), then beat my last low which was 202, then get below 200, and then I will set goals from there. My longterm goal is to fit in to a size 12 pant or dress. I am also telling myself I probably won't get my actual nice stomach back that I had in high school, mostly due to being pregnant with an almost 9 pound baby. But that's okay! I earned those stripes.

A picture before my BEAUTIFUL sister's wedding. Yes, I have a twin. I am the person in the blue. I would love to look at this picture and enjoy it. But, I keep looking at my stomach and arms. The sister getting hitched has lost TONS of weight. So, I am super proud of her. I would say she is my inspiration. :)

I am in the black with the read boa. I can even remember sucking in my gut in this picture and it is still hanging out. But, working on it. 

I tried going on a run yesterday with 3 min intervals of walking and running. I couldn't make it the whole three minutes of running. So, I need to readjust. This is the terrain I am running in. Beautiful, but difficult. 

Afterwards. I DID IT! Now to just keep going.

Anyway, thanks to everyone that is encouraging me! I appreciate it more than you know.  I am trying to become a healthier and more confident person. And I am on my way! Just have to keep going!

Good words to live by:

1 Corinthians 6:19-20
 19 What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?
 20 For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.


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