Thursday, February 2, 2012

I can't even believe it!

My little girl, my darling little girl will be 6 months old a week from today. Where did the time go?! Oh, and on top of that SHE IS ALREADY CRAWLING! Too Soon!!! Our dear friends, Brenden and Julianne Rensink took her 6 month pictures last week. She was such a cute little bug! This picture is one of MANY wonderful pictures. I don't even know which one to choose for her 8x10 for the living room. Oh, the choices.

There has been some work changes in this household. I am now substitute teaching at least two times a week for the towns school district. I really like it. I enjoy getting out of the house a few times a week and helping out and hanging with the kiddos. I am even debating on going back to school and getting my teaching certificate. Prayers are welcome for that big decision. Geesh... I always seem to be making those.

Oh, in good news, on January 24th, we finally got our Pt Cruiser back! OH, my gosh I can't even tell you how excited we are to have our car back.

Marcus is in full swing with his band program. The band will be heading to Kansas City this coming may to compete at Worlds Of Fun! They are going to look super sharp in their new band polos the school bought for the program. May is going to be nuts! This band trip, graduation, Kaylin's bridal party shindig, and her wedding. Then a week later I believe Marcus and I are going to be helping at a band camp. Oh the business never ends.

Well that's a short wrap up on what's going on in our lives. I'll try to get back to updating this more. I have way more pictures but I just don't feel like posting them. They are all on Facebook if you are friends with me on there.

Anyway, God Bless.


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