Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rudolph's Girlfriend got ran over by a PT Cruiser and other Christmas adventures...

This Christmas break has been quite an adventure. I had perfect plans for the occasion. We would leave Thursday morning, go to my parents, play a Christmas Eve service, get Lydia dolled up for her first Christmas, and celebrate at four different Christmas parties! We were booked!

Oh, of course, when you make plans... life happens. Ugh.

Pretty ain't it?

Wednesday, the night before we leave for break. We head to church for mutual with a fresh pan of brownies in the back with a sleeping baby, then BAM! I see a doe do a spiral into the ditch. Then smoke starts bellowing from under the hood. Marcus turns off the car immediately and steps out to see the damage. Radiator completely dead, hood bent up and the grill smashed in. There was no way we were going anywhere that night. Luckily, we have made some wonderful friends in this town and my friend Terrie came and picked Lydia and I up while Marcus talked with the cop and tow guy. Oh, another fun thing, when we hit the deer she didn't die. We just broke her back. So the cop had to shoot her. Oh joy...
We wont be getting our car back until the week of Jan 13. So we have a while.

Along with everything else, Charly, my wonderful puppy dog, found my pump. I guess she wanted some milk... I don't know. Anyway, she chewed the valves on it to bits. So, now my pump didn't work at all, which added so much more stress. You have no idea. I ordered the parts, but they didn't come for at least a week after that happened. This made breast feeding a little more difficult. (I hate nursing. I don't know why. It stresses me out so all I do is pump. This situation really sucked!!)

Well, my wonderful mother picked us up the next day to take us back to Lincoln, since our car was out of commission. Since our car was technically in a wreck we also had to get a new car seat for Lydia. STRESS!! But, we finally were on our way back to Lincoln to start some Christmas festivities.

Christmas was wonderful. Our child was spoiled rotten! She got so much stuff! She got a jumperoo thingy from her aunties Kaylin and Jenni and Uncles Chris and Chad. She loves it!

 I can't seem to get a picture of her that isn't blurry... she loves it though!

Christmas day was spent with my in-laws. My brother-in-law and my niece were both sick. Neither of them had fevers so we figured it was food related. We were wrong. The next day I started getting sick. The day after I was sicker than a dog and had to miss some more Christmas festivities. Then Marcus was sick the next day, then my mom and dad, and my grandma, and, and, and.... Now Lydia is just getting over it. Instead of the 48 hours we had it, she had it for four days. Poor girl.

Oh, my sis Jen got engaged on Christmas. Kudos to her. SHOUT OUT! Congrats dude.

Well, finally it was time to head back to Franklin on New years eve. We thought everyone was healthy but NOOOOO. I got sick again. Happy Happy Joy Joy.

Well, finally we make it back with a borrowed car. Christmas just plan wore me out this year. But, I have the most wonderful gift of my family. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love them all.

I just love this picture!

Anyway. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I pray that this New Year brings many wonderful things. God Bless!


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