Monday, May 7, 2012

Things as of Late.

Things as of LATE is right! Life has just been crazy with events. I mean I haven't posted ANYTHING since Lydia was 6 months old! I keep thinking I should post something, but I keep getting side tracked.

Things of Late:
Salt Lake City Spring Break Trip
Hastings Symphony Orchestra
Painting, Painting, and more Painting
Kansas City Worlds of Fun trip with the MS/HS Band
Growing Lydia: Stats (or quick update on her because we all know how she is growing)

I will try not to let this blog post get too long. :)

So, over Marcus' Spring Break we decided to head out to the wonderful Salt Lake City to see my sister in law, Liz. Not gonna lie, I didn't want to leave. Lydia did great with the trip out there. We took two days to get out there and back. While we were out there, I was able to do some shopping at my most favoritest store ever, Downeast Basics, eat at The Cheesecake Factory, and of course visit the Salt Lake Temple. (FYI, live sessions are way cooler!) Anyway, The Cheesecake Factory was a lot of fun. They give babies their own plate! Some little pieces of bread and bananas. I was very pleased. :) Also, I got to see some very special people. The missionaries that taught me the lessons to join the LDS church. Danielle Doty and Danielle Kleinman and their families. It was a wonderful time. I just wish I would have remembered to take a picture!

Lydia eating her plate at The Cheesecake Factory :)

Aunt Liz and Lydia!

Lydia eating at Denny's on the way to SLC. Not gonna lie, not impressed.

Liz's light suitcase fell on Lydia. She thought it was pretty hilarious.

Marcus and I trying to get a good picture of ourselves. He looks spiffy. :)

Hastings Symphony Orchestra is finally over. I never realized how time consuming it was. I am happy I was able to play though. The last concert(s) was last Friday. We had three concerts in one day. We went to an area school to play for some kiddos who probably wouldn't hear an orchestra otherwise, and my sister's elementary music students were there. They kept pointing at me thinking I was her. I eventually went over and introduced myself. They thought the whole being twins thing was super cool. So, I was popular for an hour... :)

Lydia had her first Easter this year. It was a blast. She got to see all types of family and I was able to give her first Easter basket to her! So excited to start that tradition. She also had her first tastes of real food. As in not pureed baby food. So she was actually able to try some ham, carrots, and even a little piece of chocolate cake. The cake was her favorite of course.

Lydia with her two Easter baskets!

Just a funny picture from Easter

 We have also been super busy with decorating the house. We painted our room and painted a room for Lydia. She is finally not sleeping in the dining room and I am using her nursery stuff again! You have no idea how happy this makes me.

This past weekend Marcus and I along with some wonderful chaperones took 54 Middle and High Schoolers to Worlds of Fun for a band festival. The kiddos behaved so well. The trip was a lot of fun but exhausting. I think we are still recovering from it.

Alright, now for a Lydia update. 

She is pulling herself up onto things. She has been doing that for a while. She also took her first two steps the other day. I missed it too! Marcus was the lucky one to see it. She stands on her own now too! Also, we are in the midsts of teething. Her bottom left tooth is finally popping through! Bout stinkin' time! She got her first ear infection last week. I felt horrible for her. I guess that came with the teething. This week she turns 9 months old! She is growing up so fast! We love her to pieces and she is such a wonderful blessing in our lives.

Anyway, that is our update as of Late. Lots of things are happening in our lives. I will try to update more often so the blogs are not so long.

Lots of Love!

PS Here is a video of Lydia. She loves her kitty!

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