Saturday, September 24, 2011

30 years and Counting

September 25, 1981 a wonderful thing happened.  My father and my mother's hand, they gave their vows, and were married. My parents were young and very much in love, and 30 years later, they still are. They have been through a lot. They started a farm, raised 3 children, lost the farm to a tornado, rebuilt, started their own business, put three kids through college, and now they are grandparents. Mom and Dad have always set a wonderful example on what marriage should be about. Centered around God and they always gave 100/100 into their marriage. None of this 50/50 crap, they gave their marriage their all, and tomorrow, Sunday, September 25th, 2011, they will be celebrating 30 years of a wonderful marriage. They have been a wonderful example for Marcus and I on what marriage should be about. Both of them are amazing people and would do anything they could to help their children and also their grand-daughter. 

Mom and Dad, Marcus and I love you and are really happy for your 30 years of marriage. We wish you many more!!

Love you!
Marcus and Karin

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