Saturday, August 20, 2011

New home, new school year, and new baby. Life's greatest blessings are life's greatest stresses.

I haven't been able to write in a long while. Life has been chaotic. Really. Not kidding. Two weeks before my due date, my husband and I were informed that our rental house was sold and that we needed to move. Well, there is no where to rent in this little town. We felt trapped. We had no idea what to do. Well, there was a miracle and someone took their house that was for sale off of the market so we can rent it until next summer. Yay! Miracle. So, the week of my due date we pack up our whole house and move. I wanted the kiddo to come, yet not because of the move. It was hectic. 

Here is a picture of me in our new house. (hence the mess in the background.) This was August 7.

Also, while waiting for our little one's arrival, we were steadily approaching school starting. With that, Marcus was not too keen on taking days off from the first day of school, on top of mandatory trainings for new teachers. Well, she held off and he was able to attend the mandatory meetings.

Wednesday, August 10 finally came. My doctor decided to induce, mostly because how large I got. Well, we arrived at the hospital at 7am. They started the induction at 8. Let's just say now, labor=no fun. but I am sure most of you already knew that. For some reason I always figured the delivery part would be the hardest... I am pretty sure labor beats that. I thought I was going to die. Good thing I didn't. It kinda reminded me of Braveheart at the end when his intestines were being ripped out from his body and he yells "FREEDOM!!!" only I didn't yell freedom. I had some choice words instead that would be inappropriate to post on this blog. :P Any who... labor went more interesting than it needed to be. I was not progressing like I was supposed too, the baby wasn't dropping, and every contraction I had made the baby's heart rate drop. Near the end the baby's heart rate dropped below 50 beats per minute.  Also, I had to be put on oxygen and I needed a breathing treatment. My doctor finally decided that it was too dangerous for the baby to keep going. (Which I TOTALLY get...) I mean something HAD to be going on when there are two anesthesiologists, three nurses, and my doctor within 15 feet of me for over an hour watching the monitors. So, we went in for a c-section.

Lydia Elaine Price arrived into the world at 7:35pm. She ended up having the umbilical cord wrapped around her next. With every contraction it would squeeze the cord causing her heart rate to drop. The doc said if I actually delivered, it would not have gone  or ended up well. Yay for a great doctor! 

Marcus holding Lydia. She was an hour old?

Proud Grandparents. :)

This was me and Lydia the next day. After a shower and such. I will spare you the "first family pic" photo because EVERYONE knows how flattering those pictures are... not. 

Lydia all wide awake. This was the day after we came home from the hospital. All bright eyed! 

This baby girl is truly a blessing in our lives. It is crazy that we are parents now! Honestly, it still hasn't really set in for me. Besides the nursing part, I don't feel like a mother yet. It is just surreal. Maybe it is due to lack of sleep at night. 

Here is a video of her at 9 days old doing Tummy Time. I can't believe how well she is holding her head up! I hope the video works. I am not so good at this whole movie and web stuff yet. If you want you can find it on Facebook too.

Life has been really stressful and hectic the past few weeks. Kinda insane really. But honestly, life's greatest blessings come from the stresses of life. I wouldn't change a thing. And I would do anything for my baby girl. 


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  1. I am so grateful that you didn't have major complications giving birth! Lydia is so cute. Congratulations on your new family addition. :)