Thursday, June 16, 2011

Showered with so many blessings!!

Lydia is already one blessed little girl!!

My cousin Jill was right. I was so nervous about all of the things I needed to provide before Lydia arrived. Diapers, crib, stroller, car seat, clothes, the list goes on. It kept me up at night. My cousin Jill told me to not worry until after the baby showers telling me I would be surprised with how gracious people can be with helping me provide for my little girl.

Well she was right! I couldn't believe how much was provided for me.  I am WAY less stressed now knowing that I won't have to provide as much.

I had the baby showers this past weekend. My friend, Kimberly Gazaryan, threw the one on June 11.

She did an amazing job! The food, diaper cake, the cake, everything!! It was all fantastic. I had such a great time. She threw this shower for me and my friends. I was joined by people from church, classmates from school, and even some of my college professors! It was so wonderful! Here are some pictures to highlight that specific shower.

Gift from Auntie Kaylin. She is trying hard to become Lydia's favorite aunt.
 Including having a bib embroidered "I love my Auntie Kaylin."
 She has some competition with Jenni, Sarah, and Liz. :)

Me opening some gifts I was spoiled with. 

The cake she provided for the shower. It was mighty tasty!

The AMAZING diaper cake she made! 
(there were three other tiers decorating other tables around the room)

The next day, Sunday June 12, my sisters, along with my mom's help, threw me a really fun safari shower. Mom went wild with making cards for food and designing the templates for the games. Got to love my artsy mom! She even made a cheese ball that looked like a pineapple and it was TASTY!! Probably the biggest hit of the party. 
Yeah... it looked and tasted that good!

I had a really fun time a few nights before making the cupcakes with my sister Jen. They were funfetti. The wrappers were cheetah print on pink. Kaylin ordered little pawprints to put on top. I frosted them. They looked amazing! Almost to good to eat. But I ate them anyway. What can I say. I love cake. 

Don't they look awesome?! :)

Anyway. At this shower I was surrounded by family and some family friends. They spoiled me rotten with everything else I needed to prepare for Lydia's arrival. I got a lot of Golden books! It was so much fun to be surrounded by so many people who already showed so much love for my little girl.  It was so fun!

Here are some pictures to highlight the Safari Shower. :)

Kaylin presenting the Stroller/Car seat gift from my Mom, Dad, Jenni, and Kaylin!

Kaylin is already spoiling Lydia. Seriously!

The food table! It consisted of Fruit Bat Bites (the rocker with fruit in it), 
Elephant Droppings (Oreo Balls), Meat Eater Mints, Jungle Juice, 
and the Boa Ball with Crackers (Amazing Cheese ball.) Kim's Diaper cake was a center piece. 

My amazing sisters who threw the shower. Jen and Kaylin

Me, Jen, Kaylin, and my mom.

Anyway, this past weekend was such a huge blessing. It was so much fun. My Pt Cruiser was so packed with gifts that I couldn't see out of my back window. 

Thank you everyone for the wonderful time and showing so much love towards me and my coming daughter. I will never forget it.  Thank you. :)

Karin Marie

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